Announcing our new mascot!

Written on April 1, 2017 by harryyoud

April Fools!

Please take note of the date this was posted. This post was meant to be satire. VoLTE requires OEM support. Please stop asking us about it.

Announcing our new mascot!

New Mascot

We’ve seen an inordinate amount of people asking two questions:

What is the LineageOS Mascot?

Where is VoLTE?

Today, we’re proud to announce answers to both of these!

This is our new mascot, VoLTE:


We’re extremely surprised lots of users seem to already know the name for our mascot; clearly some somethink got leaked.

Over the next week, VoLTE will be rolling out to all devices, regardless of hardware support.

Alongside this, WiFi and mobile data (subject to signal strength), will be now using the experimental “Aqua” protocol, so it’s super-duper fast! Bear in mind this feature will only work underwater.

Br0Zip: a new era of ROM building

We know our users; their biggest desire is to be able to get a stable custom rom on their device. Painlessly.
Lineage supports a lot of devices, but this big number is still small when compared to the amount of the devices available in the market.
One of our main goals is to bring the latest Android version to all those forgotten devices, but we also focus on user experience and security improvements.
The main problem with this cool thing is that you need a developer that builds and fixes all the bugs. It’s a pain, we’ve done it many times.
But these days are gone now. We’re deprecating maintainers. Yeah - you read it right.
We’re proud to annouce our AI-powered revolutionary product called Br0zip.
Br0zipperEngine, is a powerful AI that powers Br0Zip. Given any .zip ROM or .img kernel of any device (yeah - any device) it’ll be able to generate a properly working ROM.
It’s cool, isn’t it? But wait - there’s more: we believe customization is important, and that’s why we implemented a feature selector in the ROM builder wizard, so you can make your ROM truly yours.
Anyone, including those who have never touched a single line of code now can be a talented developer and create their own bugless custom ROM for their device in seconds.
The best thing? It runs directly on your phone - you don’t even need a supercomputer.
Br0zip trial will included for free in the LineageOS builds.

We can’t wait to see what you’ll build with it.

Keep romming,
The Lineage Ink. team