Changelog 20 - Dynamic Dialer, Excellent Email, Capacious Clock

Written on September 17, 2018 by jrizzoli


Welcome to LineageOS’ regularly irregular review, where we go over changes in the last few weeks

Major changes since July 19th

  • Email app has received several improvements including, but not limited to:
    • Support for more types of attachment
    • Per-folder notifications
    • Auto-sync for multiple IMAP folders
    • Clickable links and phone numbers in emails
  • Dialer has got a lot of new features:
    • Call recording
      • This feature is not available for all countries / devices. Remember that you are responsible for complying with any laws, regulations and rules that apply to the use of this functionality and any recordings it produces
    • Call statistics
  • Clock position can be customized (again)
  • Devices with a notch do not support putting the clock in the center, but you can still put it on the left or right
  • Updater now supports running A/B updates in the foreground, prioritizing them
  • The “System profiles” tile is back
  • Jelly can now optionally block all clear-text traffic, ensuring that all websites you visit are using a secure protocol
  • Vendor security patch level is now shown in “Device info”
  • It is now possible to customize the device hostname in developer options
  • Data usage in the quick settings panel now shows the correct amount of used data
  • .opus files are now supported in media players
  • It is now possible to compile LineageOS 15.1 using the Windows Subsystem for Linux
    • Keep in mind this is still experimental. You can find more details on our wiki
  • September security patches have been merged (15.1)
  • August security patches have been merged (15.1, 14.1)

LineageOS 16.0

The next iteration of LineageOS is already in the works, and thanks to the massive amount of cleanup and refactoring we did for LineageOS 15.1 the transition is the smoothest one yet. All our features should be much easier to re-introduce, since most of them require almost no work to port from Oreo to Pie.

As always: we won’t be giving any ETAs, but good things (including LineageOS 16.0) come to those who wait!

Summer Survey 2

The second Summer Survey has ended and we’re reading all your feedbacks. Once we’re done we’ll post the results as we did last year.

We’d like to thank all those who submitted their feedbacks, your contribution is really appreciated and it’ll help shape the development of the pie-based builds.

Lineage Engineering

The Lineage Engineering initiative may have been slowed down due to the Pie bringup process, but it’s still in the works: this week we’ve published an article written by npjohnson about Qualcomm’s Chain of Trust.

If you’re interested in discovering what happens on a Qualcomm device from the very beginning of the boot process up to the point when Android is loaded, give it a shot.

Build roster

Added 15.1 devices

Added 14.1 devices

Removed 15.1 devices

Removed 14.1 devices