Last couple of weeks at LineageOS

Written on April 18, 2017 by invisiblek

Welcome to LineageOS’ biweekly review, where we go over changes in the last couple of weeks

AOSP 7.1.2 Merge and April Security Patches

We’ve merged up the N branch to 7.1.2. This merge includes all AOSP security patches and features to the platform. Builds starting April 14th will include these.

Major changes since the 3rd of April

  • Android 7.1.2
  • Fixed Extra Tiles issues leading to increased battery usage problems
  • Many minor bugfixes
  • Website and wiki are now using https by default
  • April fools (VoLTE and Br0zip) are now gone


You can now make Bitcoin donations, but for those who’re not comfortable with this currency, we’re working on setting up other platforms you can contribute to. To let you know how all those donations will be used, we’ve set up the monthly LineageOS infra costs wiki page.

Build roster

Added 14.1 devices

  • HTC M9 (GSM) - himaul - maintainers: rashed, raymanfx
  • HTC M9 (Verizon) - himawl - maintainers: flyhalf205, rashed, raymanfx
  • Letv LeEco Le 2 (International) - s2 - maintainer: codeworkx
  • Letv LeEco LePro3 - zl1 - maintainers: codeworkx, jrior001
  • LG L90 - w7 - maintainer: mobiusm
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 LTE (Sprint) - lt02ltespr - maintainer: deadman96385
  • Yu Yuphoria - lettuce - maintainers: h2o64, mikeioannina, TheStrix
  • Yu Yureka - tomato - maintainers: h2o64, Meninblack007, mikeioannina

Changes to 14.1 devices

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE Korean variants (t0ltektt,t0lteskt) are now unified under t0ltekor - maintainers: filiprrs, PoisonNinja
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 US Celullar (klteusc) has been merged into Samsung Galaxy S5 (klte). To continue receiving updates, flash the latest klte build, as this is the last week of klteusc builds.

Removed 14.1 devices

  • Nextbit Robin - ether
    • Temporarily disabled by maintainers until major bugs are addressed