Summer Survey - Results

Written on October 16, 2017 by jrizzoli

We asked for feedback. You answered

Let’s talk about the Summer Survey and its results.
To start off, only about 1.35% of our users (at the time of writing) took the survey (23000 / 1700000), so the results are not reflective of our entire userbase, but we’ll analyze the feedback nonetheless.


The majority of the people who responded were using an official build (86%). Nearly all (97%) had it installed on a phone, whereas a smaller portion (10%) had it installed on a tablet.


Your favorite apps are our Snap Camera app, our Trebuchet launcher, and AudioFX. The apps you’d like to see improved in LineageOS 15 are Snap, Trebuchet, and the Gallery app.
Many asked to match the camera quality of stock in Snap, but unfortunately that is not entirely within our control, primarily due to the proprietary nature of newer stock features and algorithms. However, this doesn’t mean we won’t continue to aim for the best with what we can control.
The least used app is Jelly (61% of the surveyed never use it) and that’s understandable since there are more powerful alternatives. This doesn’t mean Jelly (or any other app) is going to be removed, but we will use this information to avoid spending time and resources on projects people rarely use.

Most of the responders said they were using Google Apps, but a sizeable amount of those surveyed weren’t using any Google Apps (mostly due to region-blocks, or privacy and ideological motivations). We will work hard to improve user experience for both types of users.


On average, our icons were rated 3.8 / 5, and the Dialer and Gallery were said to have the best icons. We’ll use this feedback to adapt our icons to the new adaptive icon style introduced with Android O in LineageOS 15.


Our wallpapers have been rated 3.2 / 5. Responder’s favorite kinds are abstract and landscapes. We’ll also try to bring some improvements to our wallpapers collection in the upcoming release.


Status bar customizations and Privacy Guard were the favorite features among those who responded, followed by Ambient display, button remapping, lockscreen enhancements, LiveDisplay, Protected Apps, and Profiles.


Changelogs were rated 4.6 / 5 as a good idea, and 4 / 5 with regards to the quality of them. Our wiki was rated as 3.8 / 5 and the download portal was slightly higher at 4.2 / 5.
It looks like a large portion of the responders is not aware of our Jira, subreddit or IRC channels (47%, 42% and 47% respectively). We would like to offer some clarification as to where to find these and what they are.
Our subreddit (r/LineageOS) is a good place for finding support directly from other LineageOS users and sometimes team members.
Our Jira is a place for submitting bug reports.
Our IRC, similar to our subreddit, a place for finding support with installation, or asking Android questions, can be found at channels #lineageos and #lineageos-dev on Libera.Chat (the latter being used for development related questions).

Your personal messages

The last survey page had an optional text box that could be filled with a personal message for the LineageOS team, and we took the time to read them all.
It’s very motivating to see that so many people, who could write anything they wanted, said a simple, yet powerful, “Thank you” (or something similar).
Others were mostly about feature suggessions. Even though not all of the suggestions can be implemented, we appreciate your contribution, and we’ll do our best to tune our goals so that they are more inline with the community desires during the development of the next branch.

The LineageOS team would like to extend our thanks back to everyone who took their time to answer these simple questions.