Changelog 8 - May ASB, Jelly, Donations and More Servers

Written on May 2, 2017 by harryyoud

Welcome to LineageOS’ biweekly review, where we go over changes in the last couple of weeks

Major changes since the 18th of April

  • Merged android-7.1.2_r8 tag (May Security Patches). All builds from May 1st will include these.
  • A new app, codenamed Jelly, is our brand new browser focused to work on low-end devices in order to replace the old insecure AOSP browser. It relies on the system webview, so you can be sure you’re safe as long as your webview is up to date
    • Gello is not dead and it’s being rebased on a newer Chromium version (m58). We will give more details about this in the future
  • The location tile in Quick Settings has been much improved, and you can now change between different modes of location, similar to that in Settings
  • We’ve added an autobrightness toggle in Quick Settings next to the brightness slider
  • Sorting should now work correctly for non-latin characters in Trebuchet

Changes to infrastructure

We’ve made some changes to our infrastructure which should speed up Gerrit, and as a bonus, should reduce monthly expenditure. You can view our current costs on the wiki.

Alongside this, we’ve also added to our number of build slaves, so we should be able to blitz through the daily list of devices builds much quicker now. Thanks to the Academic Computer Club at Umeå University for providing the agrippa, iktinos, and kallikrates build slaves.

PayPal Donations

As mentioned by the last review post, you can make Bitcoin donations. As of this week, you can also make PayPal donations. The links for doing this, and information on how your money will be spent, are available on the costs section of our wiki.

Build roster

Added 14.1 devices

Changes to 14.1 devices

Removed 14.1 devices